Why have we launched this site?

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The reason why we have launched this site, is because we want the whole world to know first-hand the real situation in Spain:

As you know, last March 11th we suffered the biggest terrorist attack in our history, which resulted in 192 deaths and more than one thousand wounded people, as well as many shattered families. Those terrorist attacks caused the inmediate reaction of the spanish left, three days to the elections on March 14. The governing party, Partido Popular, the Spanish Conservative Party), lost for a small difference, against the odds and last-day polls, and Partido Socialista Obrero Español, the Spanish Socialist Party, came into power.

Between March 11th and 14th, with the Spanish society in a state of shock, disrespectful, manipulative and anti-democratic movements were made by the Spanish Socialist Party, and its media group (the PRISA group, which includes "El País " newspaper, the radio station SER, CNN+ TV, etc.) and by one anti-American and pro-left TV channel (Tele5), which changed the widely expected electoral result.

Due to the shock the Spanish people was in, the manipulators got the desired effect, and produced, during the day before the elections, and against the law the following results:

  • Intimidative demonstrations, (subrepticiously called upon by the socialists) of angry lefties at the doors of PP offices all over Spain;
  • Socialist leaders' statements accusing the Government of lying (?); and
  • Media agitation by the pro-socialist PRISA group.

    All this was totally illegal under the eletoral law, on the day before the election!!

All the above raised the tension level in the hours bebore the election and led to the insult and lynch of innocent people related to PP calling them “murderers”. That is to say that for “these Spaniards”, the murderers were not the terrorists, but the Government of Jose María Aznar. Could you imagine the frighten of that innocent people attacked as a result of the lies of those people (PSOE, PRISA and Tele5).

As a result, PSOE was able to reach government in a coalition with the separatist (!) and the far left. After that, the disaster began; since their coming to power, their political action have only harmed our country, both in its international position and its home policy.

We also know that the bombings were induced, controlled and telecommanded by others (a police mafia linked to PSOE, along with the Moroccan Secret services). We are convinced that someone has tried (and certainly achieved) to alter the normal course of the elections.

Forcing the change of government, they have achieved to cut the economic progress and the social welfare that we were reaching with Aznar as well as our alignment with America and the UK in the fight against islamic fascism. That is why we have decided to announce the whole world what is happening here and to launch this site.

We think that in Spain we have suffrered a media coup d'état because the Socialists used the terrorist attacks to reach the power (Zapatero invented the existence of suicide bombers and called their radio stations to widespread the rumour in the hours after the attacks then they sent their people against the PP offices). Therefore they do not deserve to be in the Government.

In addition, we consider that the nearly monopolistic media power that exists in our country (PRISA Group), as well as the corruption in some policemen and judges, will not let us know all the truth about the terrorist massacre. Due to this we ask f or help to all the foreign media. Only outside of Spain is possible to announce all what is happening here.

Finally we want to add that there are millions of Spaniards, half of the population who do not agree with our Government, especially on foreign policy, and on Iraq and terrorism. We don´t want to give up the anti-terrorist alliance with the US. and U.K. Therefore we ask the international community not to identify the Spaniards with the decisions of this somehow illegitimate Government. Illegitimate as it was (in as much the electoral result was) the consequence of the terrorist attacks and so, a terrorist´s imposed government, with the help of those who were to benefit of their coming to power.

This web is against our new Government, because it is seriously harming our international prestige, economy and progress, as well as the free world fighting against islamic fascism.

This web is against the Spanish media too, because we are suffering a media dictatorship, with newspapers (El País, the leading newspaper of Spain), TV Channels (TVE1, La2, Tele5, three of the four nationwide TV channels), “Pay Per View” TV Channel (Digital+, the only one in Spain) who are manipulating and lying to Spanish people with the continuous spreeding of anti-Aznar, anti-American, anti-Israeli, anti-christian and pro-Islamic propaganda.

And this web is against the Spanish left wingers who, joining forces with separatists, communists and all kind of antisystem freaks, have now come to power and are trying to destroy our society and country. We do not want Spain to go back 20, 40, 60 years.

We only have two weapons, freedom of speech and the telling of the truth, and that is why we are going to suffer lots of attacks. We´ll not give up.